Warming Winter Pregnancy Yoga Retreat Day, January 26th

Winter Warming Pregnancy Yoga Retreat Day, 26th Jan 2020   Would you like some “you & bump time” ? A day of warming yoga , delicious hearty healthy food and pampering ? Join us for a gloriously indulgent , warming and relaxing day of pregnancy yoga , birth preparation advice , physiotherapy pre / postnatal… Read more »

Pregnancy physio massage , taping and exercise advice

We are now offering pregnancy massage with the added bonus of it being from a Chartered Physiotherapist. A pregnancy physio massage will include a bio-mechanical assessment of posture, breathing, an indepth look at any muscle imbalances that may be causing you aches and pains such as pelvic, rib, neck , shoulder or back pain. We… Read more »

Summer Pregnancy Yoga Retreat Day

  Would you like some “you & bump time” ? Join us for a gloriously indulgent and relaxing day of pregnancy yoga , birth preparation advice , great food and pampering on the 4th Aug at The Yoga Tree. The day will begin with a welcome sharing circle , your chance to meet other mums… Read more »

Mummy MOT

Have you recently had a baby? Are you now struggling with the many aches, pains and discomforts that pregnancy, childbirth and the early years of childcare inevitably entail? Do you need to be mummy fit to keep up with all that mummying?! Perhaps you need a Mummy M.O.T. The Mummy M.O.T. is a detailed postnatal… Read more »

Top 10 tips for managing Pubic Symphysis Pain in Pregnancy

I have seen a couple of girls in clinic this week with pelvic girlde pain , at the front of their pelvis . This is called Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD). So I thought i’d give you a few little tips if you have been experiencing pubic symphysis pain in pregnancy . Basically it occurs when there is… Read more »

How early is too early? Guidelines for when to start prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is a great time to start yoga, postures in pregnancy yoga classes are specifically adapted for the prenatal period. At each stage of pregnancy there will be different postures that you will find beneficial and enjoyable , both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy yoga allows you to move in a way that feels so good… Read more »