Empowered Mumma Postnatal Recovery Course

We are launching an utterly amazing physiotherapy guided online postnatal recovery course,  with live fb support each week . It will be a 6 week long journey to help you recover your core , energy and quite possibly your sex life ! It will consist of prerecorded classes each of 40 mins long to join in with three times a week and some essential body balancing stretches to do as you go along. I will also be adding a beautiful yin yoga relaxation session each week and guided meditations to help you through the madness that is being a mummy . We will , be giving you some scar tissue release techniques for those of you managing c-sections and episiotomy scars . The course is ideal for anyone postnatally who’d like to regain their strength, move out of their hunched mummy feeding posture, regain their core strength and for those who may have been diagnosed prolapse issues, incontinence or diastasis issues they’d like to address.  There will be fb live questions and answers each week as we move through the course .

Who’s it for ? Anyone who’s had a baby recently or even in the last 10 years who needs to regain pelvic health. 

Have you recently had a baby and wanting to access Physiotherapy knowledge and skills to help you recover ?

Do you feel weak and don’t know where to start with your exercise ?

Did you have interventions during your birth making it difficult to know how to get going again with pelvic floor exercises or healing scar tissue ?

Are you feeling anxious about recovery with less access to NHS physios ?

Does your tummy feel weak and disjointed from the rest of your body ?

Musculoskeletal aches and pains ?

We’ve put together this program combining years of physio experience helping women to heal lost birth ( and even years after ) . It is a holistic course that runs for 6 weeks . It includes

X1 Live zoom / pre-recorded core restore class each week with our experienced physiotherapists

X1 Postnatal fitness class with @east.fit.pt gently easing you back into fitness . Get a bit sweaty and feel stronger safely .

X1 Physio guided meditation / chill out yin yoga session a week .

PLUS support videos on pelvic floor rehab , recovering from diastasis exercises , nutritional advice for healing and Fb support .

This current course starts next Monday -13th April . After that the course will be available to start on a rolling basis. 

If you’d like to receive medical support and physio guided classes and information please do join for an incredible half price offer ( during Covid ) for £90

For this first run, Rosie will be offering the course at an incredible discounted price of 90 pounds, for the full 6 week course, support and physiotherapy advice. This course WILL make you feel ridiculously good, will help you manage anxiety issues, relax, take control of incontinence issues and help you feel much more confident in yourself and your body. The course will be almost double this price once it’s fully up and running so we’d absolutely LOVE you to join in with this trial run and to have your feedback. 

The first intake will be from the week beginning the 13th April with weekly support via a private group on fb live. If you’d like to join please email me at [email protected] or go ahead and book online via www.wellfitmumma.co.uk/book-online/