Hypopressives for Pelvic Health

We offer physiotherapy and hypopressives for women during pregnancy, postnatally and into menopause. Our fully trained musculoskeletal and women’s health physiotherapists have a background in obstetrics and gynaecology as well as women’s health fitness and wellbeing. Hypopressives is a powerful breathing and postural core healing technique for improving core activation, improving bladder and bowel prolapse issues , pelvic pain, back pain and urinary / bowel incontinence and urgency issues.  Join our online 1-1 coaching program for powerful improvements.

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 Mummy MOT Postnatal Check

The UK’s most comprehensive post-natal check up.  Up to half of all women experience weakness in both the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy. Women should not have to put up with pelvic or back pain, bowel, bladder or sexual dysfunction just because of pregnancy. We can help you. Rosie has trained with Harley Street specialists to bring the Mummy MOT to Norfolk and online .

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Online Pregnancy Yoga

Classes to help keep you fit and strong through pregnancy.  Enjoy time to relax and connect with your growing baby, learn powerful breathing techniques to help keep you focused during labour, or help ease pregnancy related pain. All guided by a physiotherapist and specialist in women’s health.

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Online Postnatal Yoga & Fitness

Mummy’s post-natal recovery starts here. Join our community of new mums for the ultimate holistic healing course. Enjoy some well earned time to stretch, breathe and relax along with your new little one with our weekly online postnatal yoga and pilates class, learn how to nourish your body and soul with our weekly relaxations and restorative sessions, kickstart your fitness safely with our specialist postnatal fitness program ,  nutrition of new mums plus physio tips for core/ pelvic healing. This is your time.

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Welcome to Well Fit Mumma

Well fit mumma is a specialist physiotherapy ran service to help you keep fit and well at each stage of your pregnancy and postnatal period. Well fit mumma is ran by Rosie Taylor a specialist chartered physiotherapist and Beth Cullen , chartered physiotherapist and class instructor. We are passionate about providing friendly , specialist classes and physiotherapy .

At Well fit mumma, we want you to achieve and maintain your optimal health during pregnancy and your postnatal period.

We can help you with:

  • Regaining your fitness and pelvic health postnatally
  • Preparing for birth
  • Improving your physical and mental wellbeing in preparation for motherhood
  • Pregnancy related discomfort and pain

We are passionate about helping you to enjoy your pregnancy

A little taster of what we teach

Back pain relief in pregnancy

C-section scar release

Kind words

“Just had my first pregnancy yoga session and really enjoyed myself, Rosie is very welcoming, warm and friendly, I felt in safe hands. I felt very relaxed and energised at the same time can’t wait for the next five sessions”

Jade House

“Rosie is a great physiotherapist! 🙂 I met her during pregnancy and had various appointments for ribs, back and pelvic problems. She is very friendly, positive, understanding and knowledgeable. I’m glad I found her and she has been a great help in making this journey more manageable.”


“Rosie’s classes are fantastic; a real highlight of both pregnancy and the post-natal period.  Physio appointments with her helped me a huge amount with pregnancy aches and pains. Highly recommend both.”