Birth Balance Method

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A Physio Informed Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Are you a physio, midwife , birth worker , doula , yoga teacher , fit -pro or have a background in health/wellness and keen to learn how to teach birth preparation classes? 

Confused about pelvic health in pregnancy and how to prepare the pelvic floor and the rest of the body for birth? 

Frustrated by the number of disempowered , traumatic birth stories you hear about in clinic or hear about from your clients/ friends ?

Unsure how to create classes that can help reduce pregnancy related aches and pains , manage pelvic floor issues, abdominal gapping and help prepare for birth? 

Not sure whether to do a pregnancy yoga, Pilates, biomechanics or hypnobirthing teacher training , want to do them all ?  

Tired of just seeing patients 9-5 or working long shifts and would like more flexibility with your work/ life balance? 

Teach yoga or classes already but freeze when a pregnant client comes into class?

Done a pregnancy teacher training before and still don’t feel that confident about anatomy, pelvic floor and how the pelvis moves ? 

Feel confused about which positions help labour progress? 

Are you a midwife/ physio and know that biomechanics can help in the birth room but not sure how else we can help balance the body in pregnancy to facilitate an easier birth ? 


This training will allow you to :

– Feel confident in knowing how to teach safe and empowering yoga based classes for each stage of pregnancy

– Have the skills to sequence classes that address pregnancy related aches and pains, pelvic floor issues , as well as help prepare for birth .

– Create classes that help balance the body in pregnancy to facilitate an easier birth

– Feel confident in programming classes and 1-1’s in clinic for pregnant clients, that incorporate birth preparation / optimal foetal positioning and pelvic health. 

– Feel confident in  adding holistic practices such as relaxation, hypnobirthing style visualisations and breathing techniques for pregnancy and labour.

–  Create pregnancy and birth focused workshops and retreats which are enjoyable , educational , creative and add extra revenue to your business.

– Give you the skills to create a wonderful community of clients , who may well stay with you for many years.  

– Gain a specialist pregnancy yoga teaching qualification though yoga alliance professionals UK.

What is the Birth Balance Method ? 

The Birth Balance training was developed by Rosie Moore, a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist who has taught pregnancy class since 2015 . She has helped hundreds of women in her local community teaching classes, offering physiotherapy during their pregnancy and postnatally. She has combined elements of yoga, alignment work for birth, myofascial release , Pilates and hypnobirthing through her classes for many years. Her method offers the essential education, relaxation and holistic practices needed to address fear and anxiety in pregnancy and birth, but also the physical side creating stability , release and alignment . 

 After doing years of training and work in pelvic health physiotherapy, training in biomechanics, The Body Ready Method , Pilates and hypnobirthing she has drawn on all of the teachings and created the Birth Balance trainings. Which will give you the skills to help birthing people reduce aches and pains, tummy gapping, pelvic floor issues and prepare for smoother more empowering birth and recovery. 

The training is a fully accredited specialist pregnancy yoga teacher training through yoga alliance professionals UK. 

 Next Training is Nov 2024 

    Friday/ Sat/ Sun – 1st/2nd / 3rd Nov ( 9.30-1.30pm)  , Friday/ Sat/ Sun – 15th/16th /17th Nov (9.30-3.30pm) 

                          EARLYBIRD OFFER £1100 UNTIL END OF AUG ( FULL PRICE £1450) or x 6 MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS OF £185 ( £250 )  

                               Training materials are a mix of pre-recorded home learning, live teaching practice and lectures + group discussions  

What people are saying about the birth balance training
& taster class video .

Frequently asked questions?

Aim of the course is to give teachers a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology of pregnancy and birth, and for the teachers to be able to teach intelligent sequences for pregnancy to ease aches and pains, but also to prepare birthing people to have an easier birth and postnatal recovery. The course integrates traditional pregnancy yoga, including pranayama and mudra’s as well as scientific evidence based birth preparation, pilates , elements of hypnobirthing, mindfullness and biomechanics of birth.

What will the students be able to do at the end of the course?

The teachers will be able to teach birth balance method classes for ladies in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters ( and will also learn some restorative yoga for the first trimester ) and integrate movement, hypnobirthing style relaxations and principles of biomechanics into their pregnancy classes and workshops. They will also be able to teach some mum and baby postnatal classes with a focus on mums recovery and some baby yoga and massage.

How will the course be assessed ?

There will be ongoing teaching practice informally assessed and videos will need to be submitted of the teachers teaching of sequences for 2nd trimester , 3rd trimester and postpartum to be submitted. There will also be some short case studies and sequences to be completed.

November 2024 

  • Friday/ Sat/ Sun – 1st/2nd / 3rd Nov ( 9.30-1.30pm)  

  • Friday/ Sat/ Sun – 15th/16th /17th Nov (9.30-3.30pm) 

Additional webinars from guest lecturers :

  • Biomechanics & Context of modern birthing- Molly O’Brien Midwife 

  • Hypnobirthing – Jen Cross

  • Maternal Mental Health

Course Breakdown

  • Introduction to pregnancy movements 
  • Anatomy & physiology of pregnancy , change the body goes through from conception
  • Pelvic anatomy and the pelvic floor 
  • Contraindications 
  • Overview of common issues that arise in pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain/ diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction 
  • Pregnancy Loss – looking through a trauma sensitive lens
  • Asana for pregnancy 2nd and third trimesters 
  • Adding elements of stability and pilates.
  • Adapting for specific conditions such a Pelvic girdle pain/ carpal tunnel/ back pain & hypermobility.
  • Preparing the pelvis and pelvic floor for birthing – pelvic balancing exercises for pregnancy
  • Adding elements of hypopressives – for core and pelvic floor strength and relaxation for birthing
  • Breathing for pregnancy & relaxations for pregnancy classes


  • Sequencing birthing focused classes
  • Stages of labour and ways to move for the various stages
  • Breathing/ mudra / affirmations for birthing that reduce pressure to the pelvic floor 
  • Hypnobirthing relaxations 
  • Preparing the pelvic floor for birth
  • Birthing positions that create space at each level of the pelvis 
  • Supporting women to have a positive birth experience
  • Guest lecture from Molly O’Brien midwife ( biomechanics of birthing ) on the context of modern birthing .
  • Guest lecture on hypnobirthing and integrating into pregnancy classes.
Intro to postpartum recovery 
  • The fourth trimester – energy levels/ sleep/ rest
  • Postpartum healing timelines
  • What happens to the “core “ in pregnancy and birth and how we can start re-connecting early postpartum .
  • What Birth Injuries can occur and how to manage in class & when to refer onto physio/ trauma specialists .
  • Diastasis – how to assess for and recognize, how to adapt core exercises
  • Breathing for postnatal mums & early postnatal rehab exercise
  • Creating some simple mum & baby yoga classes
  • Business and setting up pregnancy / postnatal classes and workshops
  • Teaching practice
  • Assessment – video of teaching pregnancy 2nd trimester class 

Further Testimonials

'This training is like 3 courses in 1, the depth of the content was amazing and i've regained my midwifery 'va va voom'. The techniques have really helped my birthing people already and i'm excited about setting up classes which will help empower pregnant ladies to have the best possible birth. '
Karen - Midwife

Course Fee

£1100 Early-bird until end of Aug for November training
( Full pricing £1450 )

'I've completed two advanced yoga trainings with Rosie and I can't recommend her highly enough! Her level of knowledge is outstanding and her open and friendly demeanour makes the courses really enjoyable. I now have the confidence to add more poses to my pregnancy and postnatal classes safe in the knowledge that I'm working from a well informed and safe perspective. I always recommend Rosie's clinical services to the ladies who come to my classes as well and the feedback is always super positive.'
Liz - Lupine Living
EARLYBIRD OFFER £1100 Until end of Aug ’24 or x6 installments of £185
( FULL PRIcE £1450)

About Your Trainer

Image of Rosie with text Rosie Moore BSC (hons), MSC Physiotheraoy, MCSP

Rosie has over 16 years experience of working as a physiotherapist having qualified with an MSc in 2008 , prior to that Rosie worked in psychology – but enjoyed working alongside the physio’s so decided that was more her bag! . She has worked in the NHS, private practice and for charity sectors as well as a stint in the Caribbean and volunteering in Haiti with patients with spinal cord injuries after the earthquake of 2011.

For the past 9 years she has worked independently as a pelvic health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She has ran retreats, workshops and teacher trainings all over the world , combing physio , pilates and yoga. She absolutely loves helping people use their bodies to feel embodied, empowered and the be able to help themselves with healing both physically and spiritually.   She runs a successful physiotherapy practice in Norwich focusing on general women’s health, prenatal birth preparation and postnatal recovery.  She has two little boys, Sonny & Teddy ( who’s births greatly inform her work and teacher trainings ) . When she’s not working she is in full on mum mode or at the local boxing gym  ! 

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