Therapeutic Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Qualification

The Course

What is therapeutic pregnancy yoga & postnatal recovery yoga teacher training

Therapeutic pregnancy yoga will give you a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the changing pregnant body and mind , as well as what happens during labour, and during the postnatal recovery time . We will go much deeper than conventional training in breaking down how we can help prevent and provide ease for women with pregnancy related aches and pains such as back/ pelvic pain and we will dive deep into the biomechanics of the pelvis and how we can integrate education and movement to help women have an easier birth . The training will provide you with tools to help balance out birthing people’s bodies – focusing on the upper body, core, pelvis and pelvic floor to create balance and ease within the body which can in turn help babies position and women’s births. 

Postnatally you will learn modern breathing techniques, integrating pilates and hypopressives, scar tissue release and how to create classes that help women recover from birth . We will teach you how to integrate yoga, pilates for stability and hypopressives practices into pregnancy and postnatal recovery. We also have amazing guest lectures from a wonderful hypnobithing practitioner, a hypopressives master trainer and biomechanics for birthing lecturer and midwife. You will also have a module on the business of yoga and setting up a successful pregnancy and postnatal business.

The course is for you if you want to find a new way to help women prepare and recover from birth !

It is for you if :

  • Have the ease of learning online with some of the countries top birthing practitioners and educators.
  • Want to create empowering, educational classes which will help your clients have an easier pregnancy , birth and postnatal recovery 
  • Are a physio or other healthcare profession , who see’s numerous birth injuries and would like to learn how to integrate ways to balance , biomechanics for birth and ways to help prepare the body for birth 
  • Would like to add soul to your physiotherapy or midwifery business, would like to bring together not just yoga but elements of pilates, hypnobirthing and hypopressives 
  • Would like to elevate your business and teach empowering, beautiful classes with women at the centre. 
  • Create a heart centred business , doing what you love, helping women have an easier birth and recovery. 
  • Create classes that your clients absolutely love and book straight back in for because they feel so good !
  • If you have been searching for an evidence based pregnancy yoga teacher training qualification taught by a specialist physiotherapist , midwife, expert hypnobirthing practitioner and hypopressives master trainer .. this is for you ! 
  • The course is open to healthcare practitioners, pilates/ yoga instructors, doulas , midwives or if you have a keen interest in becoming a therapeutic pregnancy and postnatal teacher and don’t have this background please do get in touch . 

Overall aim of the course

Aim of the course is to give teachers a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology of pregnancy and birth, and for the teachers to be able to teach intelligent sequences for pregnancy to ease aches and pains, but also to prepare womens to have an easier birth and postnatal recovery. The course integrates traditional pregnancy yoga, including pranayama and mudra’s as well as scientific evidence based birth preparation, pilates and , hypnobirthing and biomechanics of birth.

What will the students be able to do at the end of the course?

The teachers will be able to teach pregnancy yoga for ladies in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters ( and will also learn some restorative yoga for the first trimester ) and integrate yoga, hypnobirthing relaxations and principles of biomechanics into their pregnancy yoga classes and workshops. They will also be able to teach postnatal classes which focus on recovering “core” strength from the inside out with an understanding of the best breathing and postures for core and global strength recovery. They will also be able to teach some mum and baby postnatal classes with a focus on mums recovery and some baby yoga and massage.

How will the course be assessed ?

There will be ongoing teaching practice informally assessed and videos will need to be submitted of the teachers teaching of sequences for 2nd trimester , 3rd trimester and postpartum to be submitted. There will also be some short case studies and sequences to be completed.

Contact Days Online: 

  • Friday April 19th / Saturday April 20th / Sunday April 21st ( 9.30-1.30pm ( online ) 

  • + Fri April 26th April / Friday 3rd May / Friday 10th May 9.30-3.30pm

Total 33 hours 

Home study :

  • For guest lectures expected 10 hours

  • Home Teaching Practice : 14 hours

  • Assignments & reading : 14 hours

Total 38 hours

Additional webinars from guest lecturers :

  • Midwife Molly O’Brien 2 hours

  • Hypnobirthing Jen Cross 2-4 hours

80+ hours in totaL
Illustration of Lady with flower hair in yoga pose

Course Breakdown

  • Introduction to pregnancy yoga & core elements of course (ie. yoga/ hypnobirthing/ biomechanics and core/ global stability and recovery from birth)
  • Anatomy & physiology of pregnancy , change the body goes through from conception
  • Pelvic anatomy and the pelvic floor in pregnancy
  • Contraindications & when can you start teaching pregnancy yoga
  • Props needed and setting up a pregnancy yoga class, creating a nurturing environment, holding space during pregnancy
  • Overview of common issues that arise in pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain/ diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction ( we cover how to adapt asana for these issues further into the asana section )
  • Pregnancy Loss – looking through a trauma sensitive lens
  • Asana for pregnancy 2nd and third trimesters ( seated postures/ standing/ using the wall and small props )
  • Adding elements of stability and pilates into your classes.
  • Adapting asana for specific conditions such a Pelvic girdle pain/ carpal tunnel/ back pain & hypermobility.
  • Preparing the pelvis and pelvic floor for birthing – pelvic balancing exercises for pregnancy
  • Adding elements of hypopressives – for core and pelvic floor strength and relaxation for birthing
  • Pranayama for pregnancy & relaxations for pregnancy classes
  • Pelvic floor in pregnancy classes & when / how to engage and relax
  • Birth Yoga & Holistic practices for pregnancy and birthing
  • Yoga for birthing sequencing
  • Stages of labour and yoga for the various stages
  • Breathing/ mudra / affirmations for birthing
  • Yoga Nidra / hypnobirthing relaxations and guest lecture
  • Rebozo for birthing and late pregnancy
  • Perineal Massage and evidence to support the practice
  • Birthing positions
  • Supporting women to have a positive birth experience


  • Guest lecture from Molly O’Brien midwife ( biomechanics of birthing ) and how to integrate into your classes.
  • Guest lecture on hypnobirthing and integrating into pregnancy yoga classes.
Intro to postpartum recovery yoga
  • The fourth trimester – energy levels/ sleep/ rest
  • Postpartum healing timelines
  • What happens to the “core “ in pregnancy and birth and how we can start re-connecting early postpartum .
  • What Birth Injuries can occur and how to manage in class & when to refer onto physio/ trauma specialists .
  • Diastasis – how to assess for and recognize, how to adapt core exercises
  • Breathing for postnatal mums & early postnatal rehab exercise
  • Core and PF
  • Creating some simple Mum & Baby classes
  • Postpartum sequencing 0-3 months , 3-6 months and 6-12 months
  • Postpartum teaching practice can be continued with our advanced 2 day pre-recorded CPD certification – included when clients pay in full.
  • Business and setting up pregnancy / postnatal classes and workshops
  • Teaching practice
  • Assessment – video of pregnancy 2nd trimester and sequences for specific issues in pregnancy.

About Your Trainer

Image of Rosie with text Rosie Moore BSC (hons), MSC Physiotheraoy, MCSP

Rosie has over 15 years experience of working as a physiotherapist having qualified with an MSc in 2008 , prior to that Rosie worked in psychology – but enjoyed working alongside the physio’s so decided that was more her bag! . She has worked in the NHS, private practice and for charity sectors as well as a stint in the Caribbean and volunteering in Haiti with patients with spinal cord injuries after the earthquake of 2011.

For the past 8 years she has worked independently as a pelvic health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She has ran yoga retreats, workshops and teacher trainings all over the world , combing physio and yoga. She absolutely loves helping people use their bodies to feel embodied, empowered and the be able to help themselves with healing both physically and spiritually.   She runs a successful physiotherapy practice in Norwich focusing on general women’s health, prenatal birth preparation and postnatal recovery.  She has two little boys, Sonny & Teddy ( who’s births greatly inform her work and teacher trainings ) . When she’s not working she is in full on mum mode or at the local boxing gym  ! 

Yoga Alliance Professionals Trainer Pro

Guest Lecturers

Text Molly O'Brien on a pink background


With over 20 year of practice under her belt, Molly has become an experienced midwife. During her career she has been a hypnobirth and birth preparation teacher, an associate university lecturer, has created courses for midwives, campaigned for midwife led birth units and been a passionate student and enabler of normal physiological birth.

Like many midwives, Molly was often frustrated by the obstacles in mainstream maternity care – something that changed for the better when she joined a newly opened Midwife Led Unit where she worked full time for over a period of 7 years. Witnessing hundreds of undisturbed physiological births working in the unit and during many years attending home births as an integrated team midwife in a hospital that had a 7% home birth rate.

Working in these environments and observing a myriad of complex births whilst working in an obstetric unit gave Molly the opportunity to make a systematic exploration of midwifery skills and observations that can help resolve long difficult labours caused by malposition.

The techniques and strategies that emerged from this time helped Molly revolutionise her own practice and she began to regularly witness rapid and dramatic progress as she put them to use during “difficult labours”.

Molly left clinical practice in April 2018 to give her full attention to teaching the course she developed for Birth Professionals. Molly has taught ‘Biomechanics for Birth’ to hundreds of Birth professionals and associates in the UK, Spain, Chile and now globally receiving a universally enthusiastic response. Current projects include putting more courses online and writing a book, working title ‘Applying Biomechanics to Childbirth’. This is Molly’s contribution to change the conversation in childbirth.

Text Jen Cross on a pink background

Hypnobirthing Faciltator

This training is like 3 courses in 1, the depth of the content was amazing and i've regained my midwifery 'va va voom'. The techniques have really helped my birthing people already and i'm excited about setting up classes which will help empower pregnant ladies to have the best possible birth.
Karen - Midwife
I've completed two advanced yoga trainings with Rosie and I can't recommend her highly enough! Her level of knowledge is outstanding and her open and friendly demeanour makes the courses really enjoyable. I now have the confidence to add more poses to my pregnancy and postnatal classes safe in the knowledge that I'm working from a well informed and safe perspective. I always recommend Rosie's clinical services to the ladies who come to my classes as well and the feedback is always super positive.
Liz - Lupine Living

Course Fee

£997 earlybird until 21st July ( Full pricing £1297 )

EARLYBIRD OFFER : JOIN BY July 21st 2023 , earlybird price is £997 or x6 installments of £170 ( + bonus business 60 minute power hour with rosie after the course is completed ) 
FULL PRICE £1297 AFTER 21st July 2023
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