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We integrate ‘Body Ready Methods’ an innovative method which helps women get their bodies birth ready, hypnobrithing strategies and any physiotherapy that you may need to manage pregnancy related aches and pains and imbalances in the body. We also offer you holistic pregnancy massage and acupuncture for preparing your body for birth. 

Body Ready Method® is based on 5 pillars: Upper Body Mobility, Core, Pelvis, Pelvic floor and
Movement Patterns.

Incorporating these pillars into your movement during pregnancy can help
– Have a more efficient birth
– Minimize pregnancy aches and pains
– Optimize recovery
– Minimize unnecessary abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction
– Optimize pelvic floor responsiveness
– Work smarter not harder!

As a certified Body Ready Method® Pro…

– I have a deep understanding of how to help you prepare for your desired birth.
– I can help you address and minimize pregnancy related aches and pains.
– I can support you in experiencing a smooth transition into recovery and postpartum.

Pregnancy Circle Events

Are you in your second or third trimester of pregnancy ? 

Would you like to try for a vaginal delivery ? 

If so, are you feeling nervous about labour and how you’ll cope with contractions? 

Frightened about perineal tearing or the damage that might cause to your pelvic floor ? 

Maybe it isn’t your first birth and you had a tricky labour first time round and want to do what you can to feel more in control of your birth choices and labour? 

Frightened of baby getting stuck and keen to learn ways that might help align your body and help baby’s positioning? 

Worried about your pelvic floor preparation and recovery ? 

Then join us for our fabulous Pregnancy Circle with Midwife Lily & Rosie Moore Physio on Thursday 13th June at the gorgeous Park Farm Hotel , Hethersett . 6.30-9pm 

We’ll teach you : 

Learn powerful ways to cope with contractions 

All about your birth choices and how to maximise your chances of having the birth your desire

Ways to move in pregnancy and labour that can help your labour progress more easily 

How to move at each stage of labour to create space for your baby , reducing your chances of baby getting stuck, labour slowing down 

How to help your labour be a smooth, enjoyable and empowering experience . 

We’ll take you from feeling anxious to confident, confused to excited and show you there is another way . 

Come and enjoy this luxury evening with expert advice from a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and midwife Lily who works on our local midwifery led unit at the NNUH. 

There will be a chance for a Q&A at the end to answer any of your burning questions and some time to socialise with other like minded parents to be.  

The evening includes sweet grazing nibbles and a selection of pregnancy friendly hot or cold drinks. 

Join us in the beautiful space at park farm to feel excited to birth and to meet your baby. 

First 10 spaces £55 + e-goodie bag and £75 thereafter. 


"Just had my first pregnancy yoga session and really enjoyed myself, Rosie is very welcoming, warm and friendly, I felt in safe hands. I felt very relaxed and energised at the same time can’t wait for the next five sessions”
Illustration of Lady with flower hair in yoga pose
Jade House
"Rosie’s classes are fantastic; a real highlight of both pregnancy and the post-natal period.  Physio appointments with her helped me a huge amount with pregnancy aches and pains. Highly recommend both."
Illustration of Lady with flower hair in yoga pose
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