Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Classes will help you keep fit and strong through pregnancy

Learn ‘functional fitness’ techniques to help prepare you for mummy life

Physio guided classes can help prevent and ease pregnancy related conditions such as back pain and pelvic girdle pain

Yoga can assist with optimal foetal positioning, consequently often allowing for easier birthing

Learn to deeply relax enjoying a 15 minute guided relaxation at the end of every class, allowing the body and mind to rest and re-energise

Time to connect with other women in your group and meet other mums to be

Time to connect with your baby

Learn powerful breathing techniques to keep you focused and grounded during labour and pregnancy

learn about how your body changes through the trimesters and how to support yourself physically

Learn mantra, mudra (hand gestures) and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) especially for you pregnancy to connect and balance your emotional and energetic system


Next Pregnancy Yoga , Pilates and Birth Prep Course block starts 5th Oct at 6.30pm – 7.45pm at Treat Clinic.

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