What is Hypopressives?

Hypopressives is a breathing and postural technique that uses the whole body to activate the deep core muscles, improve posture and release mysofascial tension. It is an easy to learn, yet powerful method that activates the reflexive muscles of the pelvic floor and deep abdominals, which in turn deeply activates the core system, providing support and lift to the pelvic organs.

Hyopressives is incredible at improving prolapse symptoms , abdominal separation and improving back pain and pelvic. Using the hypopressives breathing technique a negative pressure is created between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor to essentially draw up the pelvic organs and activate the core cylinder, the postures and then added to create even more lift , improve whole body strength and release myofascial tension in the body.

Who is this for? Can you relate to any of these?

It is for you if pelvic floor exercises haven’t worked for you:

  • You find it difficult to recruit the pelvic floor muscles, or have tried biofeeback / electrical stimulation to recruit the pelvic floor and are feeling like you don’t know what to try next;
  • You are suffering with stress incontinence ( sneeze pee’s / cough pee’s )
  • You need to empty your bladder frequently and don’t know why;
  • You have a sense of dragging / heaviness / weakness in the vagina and potentially pain with sex;
  • You have been diagnosed with a prolapse ( cystocele ( bladder), rectal or uterine ) and have tried conventional physiotherapy but with minimal improvement;
  • You are a postnatal mum ( whether that is 6 weeks or 10 years) and feel you have poor core function or pelvic floor issues you’d like to improve ( hypopressives is used in Spain / France regularly to address core issues with postnatal mums);
  • You have an abdominal separation (diastasis) you’d like to improve;
  • You have poor core function and have ongoing back / pelvic pain; or
  • You have tried everything else and are even considering surgery for prolapse symptoms.

Hypopressives is for you if you’d like;

  • To be able to leave the house without worrying where the next loo is;
  • Be able to exercise, play/lift / run  with your kids lift things without worrying about making prolapse symptoms worse;
  • Get back to high impact exercises without worrying about leaking or making prolapse symptoms worse (or worrying about wearing a pad);
  • Not to be worried about still looking pregnant and improve abdominal tone / strength;
  • Improve diastasis ( abdominal separation ) and deep core strength;
  • Feel generally stronger and reduce back / pelvic pain;
  • Not have to splint the wall of the rectum to pass a motion;
  • Improve your sex life and reduce pain; and
  • Want to be able to ditch the pessary.

How the hypopressives coaching works ? 

I can work with you 1-1 or 2-1 if you have a friend or family member who may also benefit from the hypopressives method

The coaching takes place over 12 weeks with x4, 1 hour zoom calls or in person sessions (extra £30)   plus online videos to guide your practice.

The online videos include technique videos for each set of postures as well as a variety of 10 minute flows you can easily integrate into your life.

You need to commit 20 minutes a day to the practice initially, this can be divided up through the day . Once you’ve completed the program 10 mins a day is needed to maintain your strength and keep improving symptoms.

Videos include:

  • Technique for hypopressives breathing;
  • Exercises to encourage rib expansion and myofascial release for the diaphragm;
  • Lying down postures;
  • Standing postures;
  • Driver Postures;
  • Postures on hand and knees;
  • Seated postures and bonus lying moving posture;
  • x4 10 minute flows which sample a variety of these postures; and
  • x1 40 minute flow incorporating the full sequence (to be practised x2 per week once the course has been completed)


1-1 coaching over 8-10 weeks is £450 or  can be x 3 payments of £180

Or team up with your mum/ sister/ friend and try 2-1 coaching for a reduced price

2-1 coaching costs £350 each

NB: for complex issues 1-1 coaching is recommended and additional calls can be organised for an additional £100


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