Empowered Mumma Postnatal Recovery Course 

This course is the ultimate rejuvenating online course for new mums. We focus on postnatal fitness, friendship and physio. It is packed full of information about how to understand the physical and emotional changes and needs of new mums. It is a holistic healing course including yoga and Pilates, modern postnatal functional fitness, meditation and restorative yoga sessions,  specialist pelvic health physiotherapy support plus there is content on postnatal nutrition and advice from a holistic family sleep coach .

NB: Please note this course is not a replacement for treatment of issues such as prolapse, diastasis ( abdominal gapping or other pelvic floor problems post baby) . Please contact Rosie prior to booking if you feel you’d like more specific treatment for these issues , or are unsure. This course is pelvic floor and core safe and is starter program. However is is more aimed are receiving generalised aches and pains, recovery energy levels and kick starting core rehab. 

It is suitable for women who are looking to understand how to start exercising safely, recover their strength and energy post baby.  The aim is to give YOU the skills to transition into motherhood and recover from birthing feeling in control and knowing how to manage things physically and emotionally. We are so excited to bring to you this innovative course that will equip you to start recovery holistically, using the whole body to manage pelvic symptoms, energy levels and recover your inner strength.

Next intake with live zoom class on Mondays starts 21st Sept 

This course is for you if

  • You are feeling depleted and want to recover some of your energy levels post baby;
  • You’d like to start exercising but are not sure how to start what exercises are safe and where to start;
  • Are feeling achy all over and no matter what you do, you still feel unbalanced and weak in your body since having your baby;
  • You’d like to learn some baby massage;
  • You’d like to learn what food to eat to encourage postnatal healing;
  • You are missing your regular yoga and exercise classes and want to get back to exercising safely post baby;
  • You are unsure if you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly and would like some guidance; or
  • You have had a c-section, perineal tear / stitches and have some scar tissue that’s still uncomfortable.
  • Would you like to feel like you rested, energised, recover some fitness and core strength and to know what exercise is safe post baby? Then this course is for you.

The empowered mumma course is aimed to help you recover deeply and includes modules on:

Postnatal Yoga / Pilates: A holistic mix of yoga for stretching out the fatigued and often tight postnatal body, integrating modern functional core strengthening and finishing with a deep relaxation. Suitable for both mum and baby.

Postnatal Fitness; We have a postnatal fitness class for you for 6 weeks of the course, with our specialist fitness trainer and PT Holly Davison form Eastfit PT. Over the weeks she helps you build up muscle strength and fitness levels in a safe way so that you have a great baseline strength if you want to go onto doing more higher impact exercises at the end of the course.

Managing energy levels, sleep and self care; This module includes weekly restorative yoga/ meditation sessions to help you deeply recover your energy levels (30 mins of yoga nidra (yogic sleep)  is said to equate to 4 hrs of regular sleep!) . We also discuss the use of essential oils to relax and restore. Plus life hacks for new mums to create the best possible sleep for you and baby. We even have a guest sleep expert come and answer your babies sleep questions – who wouldn’t want that!?

Nutrition for postnatal recovery; In this section we discuss the importance of nutrition for postnatal healing, the foods to include in your diet to maximise healing, how to manage depletion if you are breast-feeding, which supplements we recommend as well as how to manage eating around a baby!

Pelvic floor control; Physio support videos explain how to help urinary urgency, stress incontinence (that sneeze-pee), bowel issues as well as treat a tight overactive pelvic floor and how to differentiate what is going on. There is a large focus on breath work and how the diaphragm works with the pelvic floor to create a core that works efficiently.

Diastasis Recovery; We bring to you some of the best exercises to manage diastasis ( abdominal separation), why it happens, what it is, how to kick start healing, the best exercises to practice daily, what to be careful with as well as how to check diastasis and what you should expecting in rehabilitation. We also chat about how diastasis issues influence how the core is working. We do suggest that if you think you have a diastais, to book a Mummy MOT and also access the hypopressives coaching 1-1.

Sex: We discuss how to manage pain with sex, what to expect when you are becoming intimate after a baby and how to make things a little easier. Plus how to get your vaavaa voom back!

Massage for mum & baby; In this module we cover the importance of managing scar tissue and why it is important for pelvic health recovery. We teach you how to massage c-section / episiotomy / perineal tear scars and how to get on top of adhesions and pain , and prevent future issues, plus how it aids core recovery. PLUS we teach you some baby massage which is just SO lush 🙂

Nutrition for postnatal recovery; In this section we discuss the importance of nutrition for postnatal healing, the foods to include in your diet to maximise healing, how to manage depletion if you are breast-feeding, which supplements we recommend as well as how to manage eating around a baby!

The course includes: 

  • x6 live mum & baby core restore class a week with Beth Cullen (physiotherapist ), available to watch again at any time. (1 hr) ( worth £55);
  • x6 Postnatal Fitness Class for weeks (worth £55);
  • x6 Specialist pelvic health physio support videos covering a variety of pelvic health and postnatal healing topics (worth £225);
  • x6 restorative yoga/yin yoga/meditation every week (worth £55); and
  • FREE printable PDF of postnatal core restore exercises plus a video of these exercises.

What people are saying :

“Every Mum needs this course! Rosie, Beth and Holly have a real passion for post natal support and healing, physically and mentally. Rosie teaches the latest techniques to help with post natal healing and gives tailored advice to each member depending on your circumstances. I found the classes gave me the perfect “me” time, away from being a Mum and allowed me to focus on myself and how I was feeling and healing and coping with the demands of motherhood. This was even more invaluable during Covid lockdown. The classes build up gradually and are really enjoyable and functional. There is a type of class for all scenarios whether you want to get a bit sweaty or just relax your body and mind. I really enjoyed the course and now I feel much stronger and more aware of what I can do to develop this further and hopefully prevent any future problems. It has really given me a boost to get back into more regular exercise in a safe way. “ Janine 

Course Price

All of this content is worth more than £390 regularly however, we are delighted to offer our support to you for this period of time at an incredible £135

PLUS you can upgrade to 1-1 support with an online Mummy MOT 

(a comprehensive assessment of posture, breath, strength and recovery with an individualised plan) for just £185

We suggest if you have significant pelvic floor issues or think you have a diastasis (abdominal separation) that you access our 1-1 Mummy MOT prior to signing up or add it onto this course or access our specialist 1-1 hypopressives coaching. The empowered mumma course is intended for women are able to start exercising without significant pelvic issues.