Postnatal Pilates & Yoga ( 10th Jan – 14th Feb ) + Mummy MOT option available




These classes are back IN PERSON and at a new venue in the glorious studio at Waterloo Park Pavilion.

Monday morning 10-11am . Babies are welcome , we will do a little baby massage and yoga for them too but the classes focus on rebuilding mums strength.

We start using the breath to reconnect to our core, move in ways to release aches and pains ( think releasing those mums shoulder, neck and back) , we then teach you how to safely re-engage your pelvic floor, and core muscles starting for activating the deep abdominals and pelvic floor. We also teach you how to release these areas and relax.

Each week there will be an educational element to the course, IE how to reengage Pelvic floor, how to manage scar tissue ( c-section / episiotomy ) , how to position yourselves to feed to prevent back pain, how to manage  back and pelvic pain postnatally, getting back to higher impact sports . 

Our classes combine over 10 years of physic and class teaching experience, we combine yoga, pilates and simple hypopressives breath work to reduce diastase , reactivate the pelvic floor and then finish with a relaxation for both you and baby.

Classes suitable from 6-8 weeks post birth and when c-section scars have healed well. We generally advise mums to come until babies start crawling.

There will be an online option available as well with classes pre-recorded classes sent out if you miss a class or prefer to join in from home.

We will also have an online course available for mums 0-6 weeks to start early with your rehab ( coming soon!)

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Postnatal Pilates & Yoga

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