Live Streamed Postnatal Yoga/ Pilates ( block of 4, 23rd March -13th April)



This is a block of 4 postnatal yoga/pilates classes live streamed. For the rest of this block it will cost £36 .

We will be live streaming our postnatal pilates/yoga on a Monday morning at our usual time of 10-11am. The classes will be on zoom an online platform that allows a group feel from home.

The class is taught by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists Rosie & Beth, they will be a combination of yoga to ease open the postnatal body , particularly focusing on areas that commonly get tight such as hips, back, neck and shoulders.

It will include gentle breath work to relax, a gentle flow that you can do with baby by your side and a final relaxation you can now do from the comfort and safely of your own home.

The class also includes a section of deep core work to help heal diastasic, bring awareness to pelvic floor and cultivate strength from the inside out. Using Postnatal Pilates techniques to strengthen the abdominals and help with back/pelvic pain.

The class will be recorded and available in our online classes forum for 5 days after the live stream so if you happen to be putting baby to sleep or feeding during the class you can always do it at a later date – or do it again !

We are trying to support the clinics we work at and are both self employed so the classes will be charged at the normal price of £10 drop in or £55 for a block of 6. They will however be available to do again from the comfort of your home , and we will additionally be providing support videos during the week.

Class numbers are limited to 12 , we have 5 already signed up so if you’d like to join us let us know.


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