Hypopressives & Yoga for Pelvic Health Workshop – 14th Nov


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Introduction to the hypopressives method workshop

This workshop will teach you the basic breathing and postures in hypopressives and is an excellent chance for those who have gone through the online coaching to have an in person session to refine your technique .

Hypopressives is an amazing technique for helping to lift prolapse, improve diastasis, improve pelvic floor function and improve continence issues.

The Hypopressive Method finds it roots in urinary-gynecological rehabilitation with postnatal women using it to recover from the short and long term effects of giving birth. In very recent years the postnatal fitness community has embraced the technique and the fitness industry in general is now awakening to the claimed superior benefits of this type of ‘core’ training for physique benefits as well as for sports performance. It can:

  • flatten a protruding belly
  • strengthen a pelvic floor that cannot support the pelvic organs 
  • restore urinary continence 
  • resolve back pain
  • improve sexual and athletic performance
  • enhance metabolism

Why women love Hypopressives?

The appeal with Hypopressives is that it can be done without strenuous exercise, without a rigid workout routine or dietary intervention and there is no equipment required. Not only have women been reporting significantly better results than traditional physiotherapy interventions, but success can be achieved in 5 weeks with only 20 minutes a day of practice.

As the new name Low Pressure Fitness implies, the technique produces low pelvic and abdominal pressure. This means that unlike with  pressure building crunches, planks and traditional abdominal training exercise prescriptions women with continence issues or pelvic organ prolapse can do the entire routine without compromising stability and safety. And the results can be immediate.

So come and find out more !

We will finish the session with a yoga nidra and pelvic relaxation. Will will then also have a chance to have a cuppa after in the cafe.


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